Online dating age wars: Apps fight for our love lives

Online dating age wars: Apps fight for our love lives
Tinder representatives did not return messages. It is one of several dating sites in InterActiveCorp., the monolithic New York media conglomerate, which also owns, OKCupid and a heap of shallower dating pools, including, …
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9 questions you were too embarrassed to ask about the dating app Hinge
Even now you'll hear concerns that your OKCupid date "could be a serial killer," which, while paranoid and hyperbolic, has a semblance of a point to it. There are a lot of horrible people in the world, and OKCupid and can't do all that much …
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Is IAC, Owner of Tinder and Match, Ready to Dump Dating Sites?
Company chairman Barry Diller launched the strategy in 1999 with the purchase of During Diller's second stint at the helm, he has overseen the acquisition of OkCupid, Meetic, and smaller sites, along with a recent increase in …
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Welcome to Mars Venus Info

Welcome to Mars Venus Info

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia First edition Author John Gray Country United States Language English Publisher HarperCollins Publication date [citation needed] Media type Hardcover Pages 286 Men Are from Mars, Women Are from … Continue reading 

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Simon Pegg proves blind dates are awkward AF in new

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Simon Pegg proves blind dates are awkward AF in new
This world exclusive clip shows the moment Nancy and Jack accidentally meet and Jack suffers every blind date-ee's worst nightmare – verbal Diarrhoea. Nancy had met Jack's real date on the train and she'd left behind the book she was going to use for …
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In Spain's Seismic Elections, 'It's the Victory of David Over Goliath'
The new mottos are confluencia and transparencia: people and parties joining forces in order to end the corrupt, paternalistic politics of backroom deals, self-enrichment, and hacer la vista gorda (“turning a blind eye”). At a regional level that is …
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Shapen in Dispossession
As Franz Oppenheimer and Herbert Spencer taught, the State is, in Spencer's words “begotten of aggression”: meaning born of war, conquest, and plunder. And as Randolph Bourne taught, war is virtually the very essence of the State, which, in the words …

A modest goodbye from David Letterman
The opening featured President Obama, three former presidents (Bush, Bush, and Clinton), and a tape of President Ford each announcing that “our long national nightmare is over.” Then a roster of Letterman pals showed up to read the Top 10 list of …
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